Aug 09, 2023

All Mysterious Cores Locations in Genshin Impact

Mysteriously placed in specific places

While traveling across Fontaine in Genshin Impact, you might suddenly encounter a Mysterious Core after completing yet another puzzle. There are plenty of those in the region, and you must gather them all if you want to give a conclusion to another sidequest you might have already completed previously. Keep scrolling down if you want to find all of the Mysterious Cores in the Land of Justice.

There’s a total of seven Mysterious Cores you can collect. All of them are obtained after completing a machine-related puzzle, which will end up with it being completely destroyed. Here are all of the locations you’ll be headed for.

Each machine will involve balancing their Pneumousia levels, and enemies will spawn while doing so. You can bring Fontaine characters to make things easier or just solve the nearby puzzles to find the Pneuma/Ousia blocks.

The first core you’ll probably come across is right in front of the Fontaine Talent Domain. The Ousia block is hidden in a boulder below the machine (as shown in the image), so borrow a crab’s power to break it. Once you beat the spawning enemies, a shooting cannon will appear below the boulder, so use the crab’s Skill to reflect it and get the Pneuma block.

Left of the lower Salacia Plain waypoint. Use the nearby Echoing Couch to reveal a few places to dig below the machine. Two of them will contain the Pneuma and the Ousia block.

Left of the upper Salacia Plain waypoint. The two blocks are scattered across the ocean, with the machine waiting in the middle.

In the waters next to the Fontaine Fishing Association. The vine prison locks the Ousia block, so use the stingray’s power to cut it. Your cut must hit all three vines at the same time, so position yourself like in the image below.

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Once you input the first block, a few enemies will spawn alongside a locked Pneuma block. Defeat them so you can finally unlock that block.

Use the lower Beryl Region waypoint and fall through the waterfall beside the fishing spot. You’ll see the machine next to the Ousia block next to a water portal that takes you to the upper platform. After dealing with the enemies, the Pneuma block and the second portal will appear.

Use the overground waypoint next to the Emperor of Fire and Iron boss and turn the camera backward to find the machine. Use an archer to hit the machine with the blocks.

The Pneuma block spawns a little further away from the machine after beating the first enemies, so don’t miss it (or use Lyney if you have him).

Go for the Statue of the Seven and head to the nearby Waverider Point with a Fishing Spot in it. No need for archers here, as the game will give you blue platforms as you get the blocks.

Once you collect all seven of them, you can return (or meet for the first time) Henri to trigger Still Mouthwatering!, a follow-up to the Truly Mouthwatering! World Quest. The quest automatically triggers if you have already completed the first step. Just deliver him the seven cores, and it’s done.

For the quest itself, its reward (and technically also the reward for collecting the seven cores) is the Truly Mouthwatering! Achievement, as well as two Luxurious Chests containing x40 Primogems and various other loot.

This is just another of the various exploration objectives you can find in Fontaine, similar to the Enigmatic Pages from the Merusea Village quests. Keep your eyes open for those since they always reward those patient enough to complete them.

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Table of ContentsRelated: Genshin Impact Truly Mouthwatering Quest Guideyou can return (or meet for the first time) Henri to trigger Still Mouthwatering!, a follow-up to the Truly Mouthwatering! World Quest