Aug 20, 2023

An exhaustive list of slot machine lingo you should know

A beginner’s guide to understanding slots. Discover the jargon used by seasoned reel spinners & learn the terms describing different elements of the gameplay.

Unlocking the reels: An a-to-z guide of slot player JargonIf you’re new to the world of slot machines, unfamiliar terms and phrases in the game might throw you off because you may fail to understand what they mean. Don’t worry, though; we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive A-to-Z guide of slot jargon used by seasoned players to help you grasp the basics of spinning reels.

So, as you log on to top-tier Hungarian iGaming sites like Vulkan Vegas for a few quick spins, here are some of the most common terms that should be at your fingertips. Understand them by heart, and you will never miss a beat as you engage in reel-spinning action.

Slot-related essentialsWhen was the last time you were flipping through the glossary? Do you have difficulty answering? Can’t even remember? We are here to present you with this long-forgotten experience! Dive into our alphabetized list of the main terms that denote the notions you will definitely encounter while spinning the reels.

Keep expanding your slots vocabularyThe above-mentioned terms constitute the most popular jargon for reel spinners. However, they are not the only ones you should know about. That is why we recommend that you conduct more research and keep learning about the different terminologies of slots to understand the game inside out.

Unlocking the reels: An a-to-z guide of slot player JargonSlot-related essentialsAutoplay:Bonus:Coins:Coin size:Free spins:Gamble:Hit frequency:Jackpot:Line bet:Max bet:Megaways:Nudge:One-armed bandit:Pay line:Paytable:RTP:RNG:Scatter:Volatility:Wild:Keep expanding your slots vocabulary